72 successful ideas business online

At the time, bad for Russia and people who live in it, many people thinking about starting their own business, as what we mistakenly call government, unfortunately, does not create jobs, but on the contrary oppresses them, for example, many factories have been converted into shopping centers. So we have to get out of this situation by creating your own profitable business. This is why I wrote an article about 72 successful business ideas on the Internet.

A bonus at the end of the article – video: “Top 5 ideas for online business”

In this article I will try to show all kinds of non-traditional business, which would be the best way to go so as not to get into huge competition. Also briefly describe each of the businesses, their pros and cons.

So, let’s look at the 72 successful ideas business online:

  1. The commodity business. This activity aimed at the sale of physical goods via the Internet. You can do this via online store, single-page site or simply through the message Board. The field is not new, but will live always as wow goods that we all need and always. The competition is, but and new products appear almost every day, so it’s easy to be a monopoly, while the trend in the goods has not passed. To start you with 5000 rubles in his pocket.
  2. Smm specialist. I think that everything is already registered in any social. network, and then all at once. The social. networks of the future, so you can without hesitation to explore this area, especially the demand for a good SMM specialist is very high. To start without a penny in his pocket with only a computer connected to the Internet, only to learn will have the basics of promoting SOC. networks. Start to learn how to promote their social network such as Instagram. Make a beautiful description of the profile, attract thousands of subscribers, and there if we like it we can move further in this field.
  3. The development of sites. Now to create your own website can be very simple, for example, using the site Builder, it is possible for the evening to make a good landing page, but that’s just the conversion of it is not the fact that will. To the conversion of the site was good, you need not only beautiful to draw but also to understand what triggers to put where you want, and this can only be done by an experienced developer of websites. The customers then still come back repeatedly to the developer, for example, to implement any scripts, and it all costs money, and therefore additional earnings. In this niche you can go without money, but knowledge will need a lot of experience too. If You like to dig deeper in the code, I recommend to try this area.
  4. Infobiznes. Business by selling your own knowledge. A great way to earn knowledge with which You are already making money. You need to be prepared to give up their hidden secret chips to get Your clients results and good feedback about You. If You give your customers invalid information, simply speaking, to deceive them, such infobiznes very quickly to fall apart. Unfortunately, such infochannel now very much and trust of many people undermined, now people more carefully choose from whom to learn. To enter this field is not so easy, because you need to earn the trust, but if You get it, then you can very well earn.
  5. Investing in crypto currencies. This, of course, business is difficult to call, but the fact that this type of investment now in trend, many people are parsed in this activity are trying to make money, thus creating a perfect platform for earning money. It is important to understand what You are doing and follow the news that affect the rise and fall of crypto currencies. The minimum amount with which you need to log in to this area from 10000 RUB
  6. Development of applications and software. This activity is now very popular and has a huge future, because applications are now developing for all major companies in the future, applications will be ordered even a small company to grow your business. Here not required any investments at the initial stage, it is important the ability, knowledge and experience. Experience can get corny on developing your own programs and scripts.
  7. Freelancer. Versatile, modern and different paid work. This is not a business, and a Bicycle. You will help other businesses with their routine tasks. Plus this activity lies in the diversity of activities, you can find a deal to their liking. The most popular way of earning in this field – service work-zilla, with which You can easily find any job.
  8. Selling tours and tickets online. It may seem that the topic has been worn out and it will be difficult to enter this market, but do not forget that all people aspire to travel, so that the audience is very wide, enough for us all. Also recently, the state has fully implemented all areas of business cash online, which means that the tour Agency will not be able to just give the best discounts, so customers will be to pay for tours online than to go somewhere in the office. The difficulty here is that we need to create an interesting service (website) where customers will be very convenient to pick tours, and , of course advertise it will have. Costs need 100 000 RUB.
  9. The promotion of sites. This business works well due to loyal customers who will use Your services from month to month. But first they need to convince them to work with You. In order to obtain large customers need to register as a PI or LLC and work on contract. As a rule the agencies have all types of promotion such as SEO, contextual advertising, SMM. This requires the team to each of the types of advertising engaged in an individual, then the results will be better.
  10. Horoscopes online. Many people don’t believe in horoscopes and all the stars don’t look, but they’re wrong, because astrology really helps us to predict the future, to find love, to find out their fate. A good astrologer is expensive, so if You have interest in this field, you can not think to start to do it, especially not necessarily at the initial stage to have a website. Many astrologers begin to lay out themed posts in social networks, thus attracting customers. Investment in this business is not necessary, it is important to love what you do.
  11. Online doctor. Many people are afraid, lazy or shy to go to doctor, therefore, until recently not treated their disease and start them. Agree that it’s much easier to write the doctor online, to talk about their ailments and receive treatment. This is the future, therefore, should look to this business. The most important thing in this area is medical education, because without it You will not get a license for this activity. The investments needed are large, so you need to create a user friendly website (application), hire qualified doctors + investments in advertising.
  12. Psychological help online. Great idea for a person with an education psychologist. Here, too, you don’t have to do the website, you can offer your services through social. network or Bulletin Board. The only thing I would recommend to work more narrowly, and not in General to be a psychologist and if You are approached on the question of suicide, and you are special. in family matters, You may be not alone.
  13. Arbitration of traffic. Also a very interesting direction for earning money from the comfort of home. Find the program, choose the product and pour traffic (advertise the referral link of the partner). Frankly, arbitration, earn good money, but the problem is that they’re always on the computer. You have to constantly follow is that the money is not flowed into the pipe. To start in this niche with 10 000 rubles.
  14. Dropshipping. Business without investment. You don’t need to buy the goods, just give Your client’s data services company, dropshipping, then they send the goods for you, and You get your reward. The scheme is working, but she works abroad, in Russia are not particularly caught on, because a large percentage of navicopa and problems with returns. However, you can become the most company that offers dropshipping, having the goods in stock, but you need to be prepared to perform a lot of routine work.
  15. Online store of lingerie and swimwear handmade. This may seem strange, but this field is really relevant in Instagram. Here can be won due to the large number of sales, but due to the good walrus goods. It is important to find a good tailor who will be willing to make products according to the design that will You create for yourself. The minimum investment in this business at the start of the 30 000 RUB raw materials and work portnogo account in Instagram can be formed by manually subscribe to the potential customers.
  16. Charity. How would it not seem strange, but this area is also a business, sometimes even black. Here you should not go for the money. Usually at the helm of major charitable foundations are survivors of bad situations, which ultimately gave them insight and are motivated to overthrow the mountains in order to help people who are in a similar situation. How much money is needed to start this activity only God knows, because it is unpredictable.
  17. Assistance in job search. Many people are so lazy that can’t even create a resume and send it on company email, so they are willing to pay money for assistance in choosing a dream job. Here it is possible to enter without special attachments, ads can be placed free of charge on Bulletin boards.
  18. Manufacture and sale of handmade soap. Why I took this business online? Yes because to sell this product easily over the Internet, even corny to his friends, if soap is beautifully made and smells good, it will be sold to hurray! To get started you need to buy the necessary materials that will cost at least 5000 RUB.
  19. The aerial photo. Videography has always been a necessity, especially now in the age of video content. Normal shooting has faded into the background and the most popular was shooting from the height of bird flight. Customers will need to search via the Internet, you can create your online business card. The attachment here is not small, so are these camera’s not cheap. The starting capital of 30 000 rubles.
  20. Sale and installation of GPS/GSM alarms. This sphere of activity is now on the hype, as the cases of theft of cars, motorcycles and even bicycles. Any person always want to know how his property while he was away on vacation. The theme for the Amateur, but requires certain skills and knowledge. Starting capital 10 000, if You want to implement simple devices.
  21. Reception orders a taxi. Of course, it is a hard business due to the fact that now there is a bunch of aggregators that have successfully found its niche, but don’t worry, because there is a small little town, where the theme of private taxis is still relevant. You can work remotely, working through the Internet.
  22. The cleaning service. Very popular business, especially in large cities. Without customers will not remain, but be prepared for the dumping prices because of the competition. It is best to cover a certain area of the city through targeted advertising and leaflets. Investment is small, if you have a suitable machine, if not available, it is possible to start to rent.
  23. Manufacture and sale of modular paintings. Modular pattern look very modern on the wall and cause a lot of admiration, despite the fact they are not very expensive. Main then clients you can find through social networks, which will save money on advertising. In the film production is not very difficult, it is important to find a supplier of canvas and wood for the design of the framework, as well will need a professional printing closer to office. Price startup costs from 5000 RUB.
  24. Tire service on wheels. I often see such machines as a rule gazelles, under-equipped tire shop. Usually they fall into place, where the great stream of traffic (meaning thereby a good traffic) or go on a call. Advertising on call kanomata can be placed for free on Bulletin boards and in the social. networks. Attachments here are not for children – from 300 000 rubles, but the competition will not be large, since the topic is fresh.
  25. Selling visas to China. The direction will be easy for those who worked with China, went there for work. Many beginners who want to fly to China for the first time always want to do the visa in advance and that was less problems, as the visa Agency they will help. Attachments are not needed, because working here prepaid. The client pays You a visa, You do it. The most important thing – finding customers, this is best done through the Internet.
  26. Cakes to order. Great business idea for moms in the decree that do not just want to sit home with the baby, but also to earn on your favorite business. To start you can simply. Take pictures of cakes in the Internet, spread to his instagram with beautiful description, wait for someone else something order 🙂 If the topic came, then train, prepare cakes, sell them. Well its better to prepare your beautiful cakes, quality of their Uttagsautomat. Costs to start a small from 500 rubles on the ingredients.
  27. Individual tailoring. This is a great direction for those who know how to sew and at least a little understanding of fashion. To start, try to knit something for yourself or for friends, then start to translate it into a business. If you are going to find clients online, don’t forget to show them the guide “How to properly take measurements” to not have to cut it.
  28. Currency exchange online. Help people to exchange currencies from the comfort of home. For example, the person needs to exchange WMR to WMZ, he does it through Your service, and You receive a Commission for the service. The topic of work, the main thing to do with a convenient service and to tailor advertising. To start takes from 50 000 RUB.
  29. Buying and selling antiquariato online. There are people who really understand the old stuff, you know how much it is profitable to buy and profitable to sell. The scheme is simple – we buy antique, restore it and resell more expensive. It’s important to understand the market. Advertising won’t be a problem, as there are special boards for sale antiquark.
  30. Online bookkeeping. This is a very profitable business, because the problem with tax is all business, and a good accountant is a rarity. Do not have to create the service, or immediately to assemble a team, you can work remotely, dialing a desired number of clients and help them to pay taxes. At the start of the attachment are not required, as free to offer their services in the social. networks and Bulletin boards.
  31. Thematic forum. The idea is not new, but very topical, because people still like to hang out on the forums, reading articles and responding to them. Here you need to understand what immediate results You get, as in sales of physical products, first you need to invest your energy, time and money into the project, and the fruits You to sleep only after a year or two, maybe more. It is possible to do additionally, having future good earnings. Investments from 3000 rubles for the services of a programmer – frilansera to create a website.
  32. Express delivery of flowers. Flowers is the most scarcest commodity which is always needed. The only question is the competition, it certainly is not small. To bypass the competition you can just unique bouquets, types of flowers or an offer price. The topic is complicated and suitable only for the lovers of floral business. Customers can search through targeted advertising your own website, social networks. Initially, you can work without large investments, reselling other people’s bouquets, that is, agree with the point of selling flowers, amfoteritinom their compositions, is poured into Instagram, develop an account and get customers.
  33. Bunches of soap roses. This start up has appeared quite recently in Russia, the idea came from Korea, where actually are these roses, although it is now actively selling Chinese roses, which are much cheaper.Business idea 2020The idea is simple: ordered roses from soap, stems from China, purchase in Russia beautiful korobochke under them, do the song, post the photos on the Internet and receive orders. Works best this area during the holidays, as in a typical day, the men prefer to give the usual flowers. To get started, you’ll need 10, 000 and a creative approach to business.
  34. Selling ant farms across the Internet. Interest in ant farms have for a long time, despite the fact that not only children but also adults. The demand for such things increases every year. Farms are different: the production of Russian, Chinese, European, over, easier to sell those that are created in China. The main plus of this business is not about selling the farm and apsalah (the up-sales), that is, people buy to farm ants the uterus, which will produce offspring, land and even food. One of my friends from the city of Tomsk (Siberia) specially ordered by Express delivery the uterus ants in special expensive containers that they arrived alive 🙂 So it’s a great business for lovers of wildlife. Estimated entry price this business from 20,000 rubles for bulk purchases themselves farms and accessories.
  35. Away massage therapist. Of course to do a massage through the Internet, You can not, but look for their customers – always welcome. All successful massage therapists have developed your Instagram and youtube channel which show your skills skill in video format. If You know how to do massage, understand human anatomy, this area is for You, go for it! You can start only with the purchase of folding massage table that costs 5,000 rubles.
  36. Procurement tenders. You may wonder how this business came to article 72 of the successful business ideas on the Internet, but I can tell You that many people underestimate this area. If You are able to participate in tenders, buying government confiscated the goods, then You have a great chance to capitalize on this. If you buy a property profitable, and then to resell and to have this good difference, by doing this systematically, you can live well. But just want to say that is a risky business and not suitable for everyone.
  37. Learning a foreign language online. Usually it is English language which is needed everywhere and always. The demand for training in foreign languages every day higher and higher. In the era of Internet addiction is to teach the knowledge can be trite via Skype through a video call. If You are fluent in any foreign language, please, that’s a great idea to earn money from any part of the world. Investments here are required.
  38. Grooming the animals. You can go on Craigslist and see a bunch of ads on this topic. This area is especially relevant in the summer, when a pet is cluttered so that it becomes so hot that it accounts for every month to trim. And these customers a lot, they need to look for on the Internet. You can work at home or on the road. But it is better to leave, and Your apartment turns into a dump of wool, which is difficult to vacuum. Attachments needed only in a good clipper and a special table. Investments from 10 000 rubles.
  39. Organisation of events. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday, many people want to have their holiday was perfect, but with the ideas they have trouble, so they appeal to the organizers to help them with this. To find customers created a Facebook group, filled with photos of activities (if You have they were of course) and advertised in their city. It is important to show your client examples of work and desirable to have positive reviews that Your future customers will be able to see. Investments cash not required, but experience somewhere will have to buy.
  40. Design and sewing of curtains. A great idea to earn women, who love sewing. It requires creativity and patience. For signature clients You will need to go to the address to make measurements and estimate options. Investments from 10 000 rubles.
  41. Manicure, pedicure at home. Here I think to explain it is not particularly necessary, because we all have eyes lathered Instagram accounts of girls that post to his account manicures. However, it is a very profitable business for girls with minimal investment. If You do try and do their job well, then You don’t have to attract clients, as You will do it word of mouth + regular customers will bring You profit every 2 weeks. Attachments from 5000 RUB.
  42. Hairstyles at home. This theme is from the category of paragraph above. So do your job well, put it all in the social. network, work, earn. Investments from 15 000 rubles, as here you need a good hair dryer to have a set of scissors and varnishes of all sorts.
  43. The voice lessons. Now, many people, especially the young, want to become singers, but in a normal music school to teach them what they want can’t, so they turn to the help of Tutors that will help you learn how to sing beautifully. If You are a former singer and You need money, here’s a great way of earnings. Customers looking for in social. networks and Bulletin boards. Costs, well, if only to raw eggs.
  44. Selling the software. If You like to develop software and various scripts for other people’s needs, it’s just a great way of earnings, as it is now as relevant as ever. Learn programming and start doing it even without education, because all the information is on the Internet. It is possible to work without the attachments, the only if only to pay for training.
  45. Video production. As I said, the video is now in trend and it means that all companies strive to have a great video about your product and attract new customers. You can help these companies to develop cool videos and earn them more money while earning themselves. This business can go with investment from 50 000 rubles, the main of which will be a good video camera.
  46. Tutor online. To help the child to pull the math from the comfort of home? Easy! Through a regular video call, You will be able to engage with children and adults of any items. Your ad can be placed on thematic forums and message boards. Attachment is required
  47. AUTOFIT. In fact, this business is completely tied to the Internet. People come to the intervener, look at the reviews on the selection of a car, read reviews and consult with a specialist that is well-proven. While initially the selection can be done online, selecting the suitable for the client’s car, and then one day the cars are visible. If You like to climb under the hood and really know cars, then this business will suit You, as the demand for cars is always there. Attachments from 5000 rubles per a good blood pressure monitor.
  48. The courier delivery. A very important activity in our day. For example, in Moscow and in St. Petersburg there are such services and at times they cannot cope with the orders, which speaks of non-employment niches. In others, particularly small towns generally there are no such services that is very easy to fix for You. Investments of 30,000 rubles for the development of the service for processing orders.
  49. Online health food store. Healthy products only gaining momentum, and this means that there is a great chance to start in this niche in the city. Often it is very difficult to find good products that do not contain chimoz. To start, it would have voziti from 300 000 RUB.
  50. Investment. If You have a good capital and are willing to invest and multiply your money, then You should do the training investment. The topic is not of her, which is very risky, but very interesting and can make You very rich. To invest in anything, even in crypto-currency, stock, people, projects, property and so on.
  51. Co – working center. You can create the conditions for entrepreneurs so that they can lead your business out of Your space, taking You have it for rent. The investments needed are large, so it is recommended to think well before starting.
  52. Remote system administration. You can become eudoros company for other companies which do not have the ability or the desire to keep SIS. administrator for a salary. For them it is more profitable for You because you can work from home, while having a few dozen clients. You can start without investments.
  53. The outsourcing company. This company completely takes care of all routine tasks of an entrepreneur. For example, calling customers, sending orders by Mail Russia, setting up advertising, purchase of goods and so on. Outsourcing companies can be of different types, but the function is the same – to perform the routine. Investments will be required for the office for employees, for equipment and much more. Attachments from 200 000 RUB.
  54. Shipping useful food for the week ahead. The idea is great, because now everyone wants to eating well and cooking time does not. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, this business has successfully developed, no wonder there already climbed Yandex with her Boss. You should try to do similar services in other cities, but I must say that earn to be only about a year later, as initially people will need to offer quality food for little money, so they are accustomed to You and began telling You about. Start-up capital from 100 000 rubles, and this without regard to meals.
  55. The care of Pets. Just recently we saw instagram advertising: “moving abroad? No one to leave the dog? Don’t worry, we will walk and feed Your dog”. The idea is that the person did not have to take your pet to the hotel to spend time and to enter your pet in a state of shock indefinitely, and simply comes to your home, the worker several times a day and cares for the dog, including playing with her. Like 1 visit employee spends time with the animals for about an hour. Cool, but expensive, and the demand is there. So feel free to test in your city through the trivial single-page site. Investment is not necessary.
  56. Imaging center online. The idea is, customers take off to You in the mail or social networks documents or photos You print out and send to courier service, the Russian Post or transportation company. Also for a fee you can edit or reformat the files, and edit photos in photoshop. It is convenient and requires less investment than a traditional Imaging center.
  57. “Mom’s working”. The modern pace of life and constant employment can not fully engaged in the upbringing and development of the child. Due to all these problems appeared the idea to create a coworking space combined with a kindergarten. That is, until a child educators, he plays develops, the parent can calmly work to resolve important questions and most importantly, it is all together and not have to run for a child half an hour to get home.
  58. Selling goods through Amazon. As you know the American market is more mobile than ours. You can sell more expensive and prepaid, but not simpler. Everyone has something to sell you need to advertise. To enter this niche you need to study the market, its features. Investments from 10 000 rubles.
  59. Photo printing on t-shirts. It is not necessary at an early stage to have its own printing press, you can use the services of professional printing in your city. To have a large number of customers need a good online store with high-quality photographs of t-shirts. Investments from 20 000 RUB.
  60. Diving tours. Diving tours can be organized in your city and abroad. Here you need to write routes. Safety is also paramount, so that no one drowned.
  61. Telepathy and clairvoyance. Indeed there are people who believe in a different kind of magic. If You have interest in this field then you can try to enter this sphere and begin to work with online and then offline translate. The main thing is not to overdo it with inventions, then the fraud has not taken:) the Attachments are not needed.
  62. Cybersquatting. Buy domain names that in Your opinion are interesting and resell them more expensive. Risky business but it pays off in a big way. Attachments from 300 rubles, depending on how many domains you want to buy.
  63. Discount coupons. I think we all remember the BOOM Biglione, when people were buying everything just to get a discount. So still cuontry work and earn money. By the way, are there any other cities where there is almost no competition and it is necessary to analyze the market.
  64. Sale handmade products online. If You are able to create with their hands is something really worthwhile, You will not be difficult to sell online. Good and necessary product always sells itself, so there will be enough to put their crafts in a social network and develop account. Attachments are dependent on the topic of handmade.
  65. Bulletin Board. I know quite a few popular regional boards where people are sitting more than on Craigslist and Julia. Such message boards exist for a long time and have excellent functionality. You can also create your own Bulletin Board and through the years it can become popular. Investments from 3000 rubles for the development of the service.
  66. Fitness trainer. Now do not have to have a personal fitness coach and walk with him into the hall. You can become an online fitness coach and make exercise and nutrition to their customers, only specifying their physical data, weight, height, age. Someone is too lazy to go to the gym and it is easier to do at home, and in consultation with a fitness trainer via the Internet.
  67. Nutritionist. Diet too you can make online without paying a round sum for the reception. This is a great way to make money on the lazy. By the way, customers can be involved via Instagram, posting beautiful photos there of his body, which will certainly involve and inspire Your future customers to contact You. Attachments is not required.
  68. Make-up artist. Are well your Instagram, we post beautiful photos of their work and thereby attract new customers. Attachments from 5000 RUB.
  69. Online audit. To analyze their business sites, programs, services, and applications. Tell them what they need to fix it, get paid for it. Attachments is not required.
  70. The organization of Dating. Make a lovers life a little nicer by organizing a romantic date, help men make offers of marriage. To advertise better stunning videos about Your work, thus attracting new customers. Attachments is not required.
  71. Comprehensive brand protection on the Internet. It refers You to the company, the brand which is used by unscrupulous pirates in goals naive, but the company has no time to deal with requests to remove, for example, a copy of hours Tissot from their website. To do this, and need a firm that will direct orders. The area is interesting and is characterized by low competitiveness, but be prepared to constant disputes and negative situations. Attachments is not required, unless the development site.
  72. The realtor online. Help people to find a good apartment options and negotiate meetings with apartment owners on the phone, and then together with the client, go to the viewings. That is, most of the work can be done from home. You want the customer less. Attachments is not required.

Video bonus “Top 15 the best ideas for online business”:

Conclusion for 72 successful business ideas online which You just read:

Most importantly – do not forget to test a niche before you start to deal with it. The problem with many start care about is that they are emotions begin to procure equipment, goods before he learned to find their customers. Because of this, many quit doing the business, as burn out, leaving at the same time in the negative. Before you start any business you want to throw a fishing rod and watch the fish, that is, at least to place ads in your city, demand to know, analyse the competition or if there is a positive result, then spend your time and effort!

I also want to say that it was not a freebie and requires cash and energy investments. Approximately 3 years is required to raise the business back on its feet and then You You will be able to reap the rewards.

Thank you very much, that You read an article about the 72 successful ideas business online to end. I wish You good luck in business!